Recycled Wastepaper Bins

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Rolling A4 paper in the STIXX machine towards the long or short side gives rods of different lengths. Using these in combination with three or four sided shapes gives over ten different possible designs for the cross section of the Containers. The bins are constructed with two horizontal ribs and vertical rods joining them together. By varying the length of the vertical rods the height of the bin can vary, Cereal packet cardboard is then fitted inside to make the container. The students work in teams of four, choosing the shape and then making the components required. These are assembled using masking tape. The following day (if the teacher wishes) these can be decorated with papier maché and/or poster paint. A theme can be set by the school for the shape i.e. Famous Structures like Canary Wharf, The Gherkin, The Olympic Stadium etc. At the top the students can build a football goal, basket ball net etc. to encourage use of the bin!