Take Away

There are some of my activities that teachers might be comfortable with running if they could buy the specialist material for or hire the equipment needed. That is what this section is about. This should be a much cheaper option than getting me in. However you would need to collect from Ealing and the equipment would need to be returned on completion of the hire.

Winding Mechanisms, cotton reels. A master set of 10 shapes to be photocopied onto thin card 10.00, mechanisms 1.00 each. (About the only thing that could be posted rather than collected, the additional cost as per the postage.)

Five Knex boxes (sufficient for a complete class to work at the same time, in pairs) box of adapted parts to do Wind Up Vehicles or Cam operated toys, folder of instructions (contents listing available on Instruction Folder page) total value in excess of 800. Weekly rate 50.00.

STIXX Machine, Instruction folder (contents listing available on Instruction Folder page) all the ancillary items like G clamps, brush, glue, 750 re useable cable ties (enough for 5 Shelters) Weekly rate 75.00. One use cable ties on a sale or return basis 15.00 per 1000.