Youth Organisations

By this I mean Scout/Guide/Beavers/Brownie/Youth etc. groups, I can run the activities listed in the Primary or Secondary sections, but with less emphasis on education! If you let me know what you want I will probably be able to give you a fairly heavily discounted rate as I know most of you organisers do it week in week out on a voluntary basis, I take my hat off to your dedication. If you also work in a school and I run the activity on the same day I have been in your school running activities the evening activity will be discounted further. It will be cheaper though for you to hire the kit and run it yourself. I can give you a quick training course when you collect the kit.

Anyone who wants to set up a ‘mini enterprise’ organisation at a youth group, craft club or an adults with learning difficulties group, should contact me. I am told frequently that there would be a market for the STIXX stools, waste paper baskets and photo frames, unfortunately there are so many other things I would prefer to fill my time with, rather than make them. However I am open to ideas from groups who want to enter an arrangement to pay off the cost of the STIXX machine as and when they sell the products made with it!