Secondary Activities

All activities start with an introduction covering the student brief, keywords and how to use the equipment including Health & Safety. Then the majority have a planning/design phase followed by the practical activity with a short plenary session at the end.

All the activities can, if you wish, be given a particular spin for example Work Related Learning, Careers or Enterprise. If there are certain key areas you want developed for example communication, teamwork, presentational skills etc. these can be emphasised in the introduction although some activities are more suitable for some key areas than others.

Flag made from STIXXSTIXX Tall TowersSTIXX Bike
STIXX Olympics - Athletes FlagSTIXX Tall TowersSTIXX Olympics - Bicycle

The table below lists the main activities I offer. The second column details the year group I think they are most suitable for. I am flexible on this and can make most activities simpler or more complicated to suit different age groups. The next column details the size of group and time allocation I normally work with. Again I can be flexible on numbers per session bearing in mind student behaviour and discipline remains the school’s responsibility!!! You know your students, you know how well they can work when there are a lot of them in one space, how easily they are engaged! There are some schools I will work with 120 students at a time. Yes, they are all girls’ schools!! If you have a year group of 240 and five taught hours, I can do Shelters with 90 for two hours, another 90 for two hours then the remaining 60 for one hour. Obviously these sessions are not an appropriate time for supervising staff to catch up on their e-mails! I take your advice on numbers. With larger numbers it is advisable that I run a short INSET session with the teachers before school starts so that they can be as effective as possible. With the length of time per session I can lengthen by adding mini activities, talking about careers etc. or I can shorten by cutting out bits of the introduction and/or handing out pre made STIXX rods. For example I have delivered Shelters in 40 minute sessions and two and a half hours! With Enterprise I bring extra facilitators with me, so larger numbers can be worked with.

If you are thinking of making a booking it is easiest to contact me with the activities you would like, numbers and year group; I’ll send you back a proposed programme. If I can shoe horn in an extra activity or class by moving around break times etc. I will. Once everything is agreed I will send a confirmation letter listing timings, room requirements, what you need to collect, etc.

I have tried to make my pricing as straight forward as possible! Costs are made up of four elements; the first element is the daily rate this is £300.00. I can do just mornings or just afternoons, but they are priced to be less attractive! The second element is travel as I live in Ealing it is zero here, Greenwich £35.00 per day, Maidstone £70, Shropshire £150 etc. The third element is materials; obviously some activities consume much more in the way of materials than others. The material cost per student per activity is in the last column. The fourth element is supplements like working in the summer term (£40.00 per day) or if I am working with more than five classes in a day (£30.00.) If you do not find my pricing schedule straight forward to use, please ask me for a quote, it does not commit you to anything!

To see activity descriptions, either click the name of the activity in the table, or for the same information in a brochure form, use the download at the bottom of the page.

+ Using a STIXX machine
Enterprise Up to 60 students standard day rate, up to 90 students day rate is £500.00, 90-120 students day rate is £700.00 as I bring extra facilitators with me.
Activity Year group range Approximate Timing Material Cost per Pupil
Recycled Photo Frames + Yr 7-10 Up to 60, 1 ½ hrs £0.50
Chairs/Mannequins/Bridges + Yr 7-11 Up to 60, 3 hrs £1.50
Electric Buggies, Pulleys Yr 7 & 8 Class of 30, 1 1/2hr Nil
Balloon Buggies Yr 7-9 Class of 30 1½ hr, with 60 2¼ hr £1.00
Building Game Yr 7-13 Up to 120 1½-2hr Nil
Recycled Wastepaper Bins + Yr 7-9 Up to 60, 2hrs £1.50
Olympic Games Equipment + Yr 7-13 Up to 60, 2½ hrs £1.50
Shelters/Tall Towers+ Yr 7-13 Up to 90 1½-2hr £0.75
Recycled Packaging Yr 7-11 Up to 60, 40 mins £0.50
Frictionless CDs Yr 7-11 Up to 60, 40 mins £0.50
Fairground Carousels, Motor Yr 7-9 Class of 30, 3hrs £2.50
Fairground Carousels, String Yr 7 & 8 Class of 30, 2½ hrs £1.00
Stomp Rockets & Maths Yr 7 & 8 Up to 60 1½- 2½hr £0.50
Bridges/Towers,K’NEX Yr 7-12 Up to 60, 2½hr Nil
Bridges, Card Yr 7-12 Up to 60, 2½hr £0.50
Fun Maths (set of puzzles ) Yr 7 & 8 Class of 30, 1 hr Nil
Bridges with Maths Yr 7 & 8 Class of 30, 1 ¾ hrs £0.50
Garden Tripods + Yr 7-12 Class of 30, all day £1.50
Electronic Control Yr 7-11 Up to 60 1-3 hrs £0.50
Walking with Robots Yr 7-10 Up to 60, 1½ hr Nil
Wind Energy Challenge Yr 8-11 Up to 40, 2-3hrs £1.00
Go-Karts + Yr 9-13 Up to 45, all Day £2.00
Work Related Learning Yr 8-13 30-90, ½ - full day TBA
Industry Days/Careers Yr 8-13 Up to 60, ½ hr - 2 hrs TBA
Enterprise + Yr 7-13 Up to 180, morning - full day £2.00 plus see below

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