STIXX Machines

As an Engineer I think the STIXX machine is the next nearest thing to magic. With a couple of turns of the handle it converts a few sheets of newspaper in to a solid rod you can build life sized structures with. The Shelters the students build are big enough to get into, the Go-Kart they can ride on! With a change in technique you can also make curved rods. See the Primary and Secondary Brochures to see more examples of what can be made using them.

STIXX Person STIXX Waste Paper Basket
STIXX MachineWaste Paper Basket made from Waste Paper

You can purchase STIXX machines from me and ancillary equipment. Folders containing full instructions for STIXX based activities are listed on the previous page.

See the video below for a project with St Mary's CE Primary school and the National Physics Laboratory, with funding from The Royal Society, supported by yours truely as STIXX machine supplier.

My activities are run to look at the engineering aspects of what can be made using the STIXX machine, if you are looking for the art or sculpture aspects of the machine look at