Special Needs Schools

Firstly let me say I enjoy working in Special Needs Schools, I could not work in them everyday of the week, but in my view that applies to all types of school! My philosophy is to come in with no preconceived notions or expectations of what will be achieved. That way at the end of the day I am always impressed and pleased. I worked in one Special School, the theme was Garden Tripods, we ended up with a Windmill, a Bird Table and a Dog, all of which ended up outside for plants to grow up! It is important to me though that from my discussions with teachers before hand I know how long to make the introductions and what level to pitch them at.

STIXX Person STIXX Garden Tripod in shape of Dog
PersonGarden Tripod Dog

Look at the sections for Primary or Secondary schools; most activities that you think would interest your students can be altered to suit them. If you are thinking of making a booking it is easiest to contact me with the activities you would like, numbers and ability levels. (I know very simplistic and not accurate, but equivalent year group in a mainstream school gives me a starting point.) Some schools book an easy, a medium and a hard activity then shuffle the students to attend the most appropriate. I’ll send you back a proposed programme. If I can shoe horn in an extra activity or group by moving around break times etc. I will.

If you do not find my pricing schedule straight forward to use, please ask me for a quote, it does not commit you to anything!