Primary STIXX Instruction Folder

Section Title QCA
2 Introduction  
3 H&S Suggestions  
4 Swing D&T 1B
5 Climbing Frame D&T 1B
6 Rocking Horse D&T 1B
7 Table D&T 1B
8 Teepee/Wigwam D&T 1D
9 Traditional House D&T 1D
10 Tower Block S 6E&1D
11 Photo Frame, Single D&T 3D
12 Rocket  
13 Cube Chair A&D 4B
14 Shelter D&T 6A
15 Garden Tripod  
16 Darcy Turner's 'How to Use and Maintain a STIXX Machine'  
17 Photo Storyboard: Using a Tabloid Newspaper  
18 Photo Storyboard: Using a Broadsheet Newspaper  
19 Using a Berliner Sized Newspaper (Guardian)
20 Photo Storyboard: Using A4 Recycled Paper
21 Using A3 Recycled Paper
22 Photo Storyboard: Making Curved STIXX
23 Masking Tape for Joining Together STIXX
24 Cable Ties for Joining Together STIXX, Possible Problems and Solutions
25 Thin Wire for Joining Together STIXX
26 Colouring, Waterproofing, Cutting Thicker and Thinner STIXX
27 Tissue, Crepe Paper and Fabric, Using and Fixing
28 Possible STIXX Problems and Solutions
29 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
30 Activity Management
31 List of Other Activity Instructions Available