Inset Days

Primary and Secondary

For staff team-building days the best activities are The Building Game, Enterprise, Shelters or STIXX Tall Towers. Each of them run with teams of five or six competing against each other. All of them develop skill in teamwork, communication, cooperation, organisation and time management; some require enterprise and creativity carrying out a fun practical competitive task. Which activity would depend on your requirements, time available and numbers. Costs would also vary, but probably between £350.00 and £600.00.

STIXX ChairsSTIXX Chairs


Inset days are a hands-on practical experience, and the staff may keep the models they make (except K’nex). For the full INSET day I bring at least forty of my activities with me, if there are any of particular interest mention it and I will make sure they are included. I arrive at least an hour and half before the start and set up in the hall a large U with tables. At the start of the table U I put the instructions, materials and a finished model for the activities suitable for year 1, then year 2, all the way round to year 6. Across the mouth of the U I put out tables with the equipment on, STIXX machine, glue guns, craft knives etc. The introduction briefly covers the activities available, use and H&S of the equipment and how I would deliver it to the students. Each person carries out the year group activities relevant to them (i.e. Year 1 teachers/support staff carry out Year 1 activities), whilst expert and specific individual advice is at hand. Free e-mail assistance is then available for the next twelve months. These inset days help make everyone more confident in using and handling basic D&T equipment and materials. A fun and fulfilling time whilst gaining experience and satisfaction from activities well done, as well as the inspiration for activities to do with students. For twilights there are fewer activities and only relevant equipment.

Inset day rate:
£450.00 plus £6.00 per person for materials, plus travel.

Twilight STIXX Machine based activities:
£150.00 plus £2.00 per head.
Twilight Glue Gun based activities:
£150.00 plus £3.00 per head.
Twilight K’nex based activities:
£150.00 plus nothing per head.
Twilight NOT (the previous) based activities (i.e. not STIXX, not Glue gun or K'nex based!)
£150.00 plus £2.00 per head.

Twilight sessions can only be booked in addition to a day of activities in the school. The above Twilights are mutually exclusive and all four cover the same activities as a full day INSET .