I can run a stand at an event such as an open day at a park, opening day of a shopping centre, school fete etc. I would bring an activity to provide entertainment for your clients, normally the public. It can be outside and I do have my own gazebo! The activity can be chosen or adapted to suit your theme, at a celebration of ‘Forest Week’ we built STIXX Log Cabins. If the event was one that the clients just wandered by, I would run an activity that can be dabbled in for two minutes, but has enough interest to keep people involved and engaged for a lot longer if they choose. I would also aim to provide an activity that suited all ages from aged four upwards.

Buggy Buggy
Let's hope no-one starts the engines Popular!
STIXX Shelters Buggy Buggy
As tall a tower as was possible Balloon Buggies K'NEX
STIXX Shelters Buggy Buggy Buggy
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