Education Business Partnerships

Of the dozen plus EBPs I work with I have a different working relationship with each of them! Let me just say I am very flexible! My ‘mission’ has always been to get more and better Engineering Activities run in schools by whatever means!

STIXX Shelters Buggy
Science and Engineering Challenge
STIXX Shelters Buggy
Careers EventScience and Engineering Day
Challenge Day

To this end some EBPs:-

Obviously the details are too numerous to list here. If you have a spare hour or two, it is easiest for me to come over to your office and demonstrate some of the activities then discuss various projects or ideas that I could potentially assist with. If there are any activities in the Primary or Secondary Brochures that catch your interest, mention it to me and I will make sure that I demonstrate them. There would be no obligation; some ideas take a long time to germinate into projects, as I know!

Pricing again is varied, but here are two rough guides.

A Science & Engineering Day with 120 students from seven secondary schools, three activities 800.00.
During the Primary School Science Leaders get together they have once a term, run the afternoon session as a PDP. So the twenty five teachers make the equipment for and learn three different Science practical activities they can deliver in their own schools. With the opportunity to see and discuss other activities they could do. Including the materials the teachers took away with them, 200.00.