STIXX ChairsMannequin without clothes
STIXX ChairsSTIXX Chairs used in the Library

This is one of the most popular activities I do in Primary Schools. Each team of five students build the same design of chair base that should be strong enough to sit on. They use the STIXX machine to make the rods and join them together using cable ties. Later they design the back of the chair by sketching out their 3D ideas on paper. You can set a theme for your designs if you wish i.e. The West Indies which resulted in one being a beach scene, another a sunset, another was of Palm Trees. In another school the theme was Mathematics so the backs of the chairs were made with different maths symbols.

After I have finished with the class the chairs can be painted and decorated, I know one school even made cushions from textiles. Another school uses their chairs in the library!!!

STIXX ChairsSTIXX ChairsSTIXX Chairs
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