Company Corporate Activities

Or how can I help you to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility Objectives

Under this category last year I directly helped companies to work with 2850 Primary School students and 2250 Secondary School students in the areas local to their businesses. Indirectly there are loads more where I have sold on the equipment, expertise and ideas to companies to run it themselves.

I also ran a number of staff team building activity events.

The work I do with companies splits into sponsorship of school activity days and Staff Personal Development, although they are often combined. This can be carried out at different levels and depends on the Corporate Social Responsibility budget! On average last year and this is not how it is charged, the Primary Activities cost £3.50 per student and the Secondary £5.50, each activity being at least two hours. With all of the below you choose what branding, posters, promotional material, etc. you want.

Sponsorship of School Activities

Volunteer Programmable Buggy
VolunteerElectronic Control

This can be as simple as saying to your local schools here is a website, choose an activity we will pay for it. Or pay the first £??

You could choose one of my existing activities that uses skills that you want to encourage in local schools i.e. mathematics or life skills like teamwork etc. You decide how many schools you want it run in, I quote a price, we would need to discuss branding, marketing etc., you or I contact schools, I train your staff to assist with that activity. We run the activities.

We could do the same, but alter an existing activity to suit your business. Shelters is a very adaptable activity in it’s pure form the students work in teams of six, use a STIXX machine to roll newspaper into solid rods that are then joined together with re useable cable ties to form a Shelter large enough for all six to get into at the same time. This activity has been altered so that students build Terminal Buildings, Supermarkets, Homes, Tunnels, and Hotels all large enough for the whole team to get into!

We could do the same, but a new activity can be designed to suit the company’s line of business or feature something you would like to promote.

If you have a stand at an exhibition or trade fair or careers event, I can run an activity to provide the draw and attraction to the passing trade. At these I would run an activity that can be dabbled in for two minutes, but has enough interest to keep people involved and engaged for a lot longer if they choose.

Any of the above four, but I would sell you the equipment and staff training for your own staff to run the activities themselves, rather than me. Click here for a link to more details for specific details for two activities.

Get me to run an ‘Engineering Challenge Day’ where each Secondary School in the borough/area is invited to send a team of six budding scientists and engineers; I deliver three activities covering different aspects of Engineering. There are judges, points awarded and a winning team at the end. I can also run these days with up to fifteen Primary Schools per day.

Staff Personal Development

STIXX Shelters Presentation ConstructionSTIXX Shelters Completed STIXX Shelters Presentation Discussion
Engrossed in Building a Shelter Completed the Design Brief Preparing the Presentation

With any of the above you will find your staff are very keen to volunteer to assist, this will help in their personal development. They will be enhancing their skills in communication, presentation, teamwork, cooperation, organisation, decision making, etc. They will also gain from knowing their company is doing something for the local community, I have not, as yet, being doing it long enough for a student I have worked with joining that company, but it will happen!

Alternatively you choose to add one or two of my activities to a company team building day. The most popular adult activities I do are Shelters (with adaptations to the theme depending on your business) for team building and The Building Game for communication skills.

More information look at the two example activities below, or Contact Me

Primary and Secondary Engineering Challenge.pdf   [65KB]

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